I learned about Dan Root when I was Googling for how to use Trello to help manage my kid’s schedules and came across his inspiring Kids Activity Board. Today I learned he is the author of Trello Dojo a book on how to become a Trello Ninja (click on the link and have a chance to get a free copy of the book!) and a Home School Dad.

Trello is a task management system based around the concept of lists. I see it more as a series of queues where you can have each task appear as work items and each lane representing either a storage area for the cards or a processing area where each card gets processed. You can see more about what I mean in the examples below but the point is you can use it for organizing just about anything and you can use Queueing Theory to increase efficiency, something every parent needs to do, right? If you don’t have it yet I suggest you sign up before you continue.

Dan’s Trello Setup is neat and simple. He uses Butler (which is a bit like a bot) to randomly pull cards out of an “Ideas” lane every week and put it in a “This Week” lane. The reason he came up with is because it’s difficult to come up with children’s activity every week and so he decided to create a Trello board for it. He also uses Butler to make it automated so that one doesn’t have to pick anything from the list. One trick that he says is to organize the board around Goals such as where to go for vacation or that the AC filter needs cleaning.

Dan's Trello Screen Shot

I have a slightly different approach where I make queues for each day of the week and have a queue of activities for the kids to choose from. I also have a Discard queue where I put activities that are no longer feasible and I have activities locked in on certain days of the week which labeled in Red. We go through the activities every week as a family and figure out what we want to get done that week. Generally speaking we’re not obligated to do everything in a given day but the cards high on the queue do get priority.

Mishari's Trello Screen Shot

In Trello Dojo you can also read about other useful options for your KidOps including PTA Board, Vacation planning, Baby name and much much more, check it out, it’s a great book.

Dan also recommended some books and links by email, here it is:


That’s it, tell us about how do you organize your day? I’d love to hear more from you, send me an email or leave a comment below.